Leisure-time La Palma

La Palma has many small black sand and pebble beach lines.

The Atlantic Ocean is nature in its purest state, therefore, please obey the beach warning flags:

No danger

Only for experienced swimmers (there may be currents)

Swimming is forbidden, even if the water seems to be calm

At the beach lines without flag indication, the risk of swimming should be taken into account. Never swim too far from the cost, nor too close to the rocks. Don’t overestimate your swimming capability.

Some of the beach lines with flag indications and rescue personnel in the eastern part of the island are: Los Cancajos, Playa Bajamar, the natural pools La Fajana inBarlovento (in the northeastern part of the island).

Attention! The natural pools of Charco Azul (San Andrés and Sauces) haven’t been reopened yet due to rock falls from the cliffs, thus swimming in that area is at your own risk.

 In the western part of the island you can find: Puerto Naos, Tazacorte Puerto, Charco Verde.


With “Fancy II” and “Fantasy” you can explore the Atlantic, conquer Cueva Bonitaenjoy the beautiful sunsets, encounter dolphines, whales, turtles, flying fish and more.

Pamper yourself with an excursion on a boat in its purest state, soft-drinks and snack included.


La Palma isn’t only one of the islands with the steepest slopes in the world, but alsoone of the few with the greatest depths in the world, just a couple of meters from the coast, sort of El Dorado for deep diving enthusiasts. A great variety of marine flora and fauna await you and they will take you closer to the island in a different way.