Leisure-time La Palma

The visit to the astrophysical observatory of La Palma and the chance to see a telescope shouldn’t remain just a dream.

Reserve a free guided tour in advance, before the start of your holiday, and choose the date.

Click on the following link to see more information about the guided tour in the astrophysical observatory of La Palma in Spanish and English:


The starry sky in La Palma is vast and very close by. Don’t miss the “Visit to the Firmament”,which will give you more
detailed information about the Universe.

Cielos de la Palma

Activities include astro-photography, star gazing with the naked eye and with telescopes (by day and night), apart from having our own astronomy material for hire. www.cielos-lapalma.es

Ad Astra La Palma

Stargazing with telescope. Sun observation with telescope and special filters. Starparty VIP (personalized and exclusive treatment). Wine&Moon: Moon observation and wine tasting. Walk under the stars. Excursions to the Astrophysical Observatory of the Roque de Los Muchachos. www.adastralapalma.com


Transportation, tours, visits to the observatories, guiding observations in astronomical viewpoints in on the island of La Palma in particular and upon request in all Canary Islands. www.astrolapalma.com